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Most people believe that the purpose of the interview is to determine whether a candidate can do the job. While it is true that job related questions will arise during an interview to verify your competence, the fact that your resume got you the interview, means that they are already reasonably sure you can do the job.

After receiving feedback from several thousand candidate interviews over 27 years, I was surprised to learn that the actual purpose of a job interview is to determine the chemistry of the candidate. Or, whether or not you will you fit-in at the company. Few people will hire a person they don’t like. In other words, will the hiring authority want to go to lunch with you?

So, how do you get strangers to like you in a relatively short period of time? It is by the questions you ask and and the way you answer their questions. It’s also how you respond to what you hear, see and touch at the interview.

My interview prep takes about 1 hour and is included in my fee.

If you think you might need some help in this area, give me a call. You have no obligation…you have nothing to lose.


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